Crocodile Chomp

Crocodile Chomp


Crocodile Chomp by Hasbro does exactly that, Chomp! A fun, innovative and exciting childrens game, the Crocodile Chomp Game is suitable for young children aged five years of age and over.

Crocodile Chomp Online StoreCrocodile Chomp is an excellent way to encourage children to use their senses and this top toy is a great action game for the kids BUT MAKE SURE YOUR CHILDREN REMEMBER 'get your frog hopping before the crocodile starts chomping!' Have play time fun and free the frog before the Crocodile Chomp mouth closes and eats up the frog.

The Crocodile Chomp Board Game, a fun and exciting game for young children, is supplied with a Chomping Crocodile, twenty game chips, twenty eight cards, four frogs, a game board and instructions.

Crocodile Chomp, a top toy game for boys and girls, has been featured on the TV in the lead up to Christmas and is sure to be a favourite gift for Christmas 2010 or in the alternative as a birthday gift idea for youngsters.

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Crocodile Chomp Website

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Crocodile Chomp Product Description

The Crocodile Chomp is a top toy game from Hasbro.

Crocodile Chomp. Get your frog hopping before the Croc starts chomping. Have fun in the sun while the Croc snoozes, but don’t wake him or you'll get caught up in the feeding frenzy. Save your froggy friends from the hungry croc, playing Crocodile Chomp.

Each player has a colourful happy frog, and five matching lilypads. Each frog sits on the big lilypad, under the jaws of the giant crocodile. Sitting on the big lilypad, your frogs are safe from the Croc while players draw cards... until a Croc card is drawn ! Then it's a race to hit your lilypad button, to make your frog hop free, before the Croc's mouth pops shut on it! Crocodile Chomp is a fun and exciting game for young children.

Requires 2 "AA" batteries. Ages 5 and up.

Crocodile Chomp Product Features

Crocodile Chomp

Have some fun in the sun with your frogs while the Croc snoozes

If the Croc wakes up its time to get out quick

Get your frog hopping before the Croc starts chomping

Frantic fun for all

For 3 - 5 players

Recommended ages 5 years +
Item Weight: 1.7 kg
Boxed Product Weight: 1.7 kg
Colour: multi coloured
2 “AA” Batteries required (not included)
Self assembly required.


  Crocodile Chomp Box Contents
1 x Chomping Crocodile
20 x Game Chips
28 x Cards
4 x Frogs
Game Board and Instructions

Crocodile Chomp Video

Crocodile Chomp Video Crocodile Chomp Video Crocodile Chomp Video

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